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Elderberry Days with John Moody

Friday, September 24 - 10:00 AM

We are excited to invite John Moody to Lehman's. We are learning about the health benefits of the “magic” plant the Elderberry. Elderberry is the dark purple berry from the European elder tree. The berries are very popular for holistic medicine. We are hosting John Moody, author, farmer and speaker. He has written 5 books, including The Elderberry Book and The Frugal Homesteader. Come meet John, get your books signed and reserve your seat to see one of his classes below listed below. Tickets are free but spots are limited.

Friday morning 10 am - Grow elderberry!

  • Want to add one of the easiest and most versatile plants to your landscape, homestead, or farm? Come learn the basics of growing the elderberry, including the best methods for starting and propagating this incredible plant.?? Learn about its historical uses as living fence, hedges, land stabilization, and so much else while you also learn how to GROW your own elderberry.?? Go home with your own elderberry plant!

Friday afternoon 2 pm - Make your own elderberry - the secrets to creating the best syrups and gummies

  • Lots of people make elderberry syrup, but often have many questions - how much water? How many berries?? How long to cook? What to do with the leftover mash? Join John and Caleb to learn the secrets to getting the most out of your elderberries, including how to turn them into yummy gummies that kids old and young will love!

Saturday morning 10 am - The amazing elderberry - stop vampires, stave off colds and flus, and save the planet!

  • Did you know that for almost a thousand years the elderberry was called "the people's medicine chest?" Or that the berries were the LEAST used medicinal part of the plant until the last 50 years?? Why is the elder associated with Judas, vampires, Harry Potter and hundreds of other legends and lore? Come learn all about the amazing history of this one of a kind plant that people have relied on for thousands of years around the world.?

Saturday afternoon 2 pm - Elderberry - More than just supplements, spirits, and syrups!

  • Most people think of elderberry as a go to remedy during cold and flu season, or a pick me up drink that an older family member used to make decades ago.? But the elder is so much more - a vital part of skin care products, inks, dyes, toys, and a hundred other things, this session will explore the many culinary, craft, and other creative uses of this ancient plant.  


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Friday, September 24, 2021
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


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