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Introduction to Holistic Brain Training

Saturday, August 24 - 1:00 PM

Join the Brain Training Institute for a FREE informational session. NeurOptimal® is a very sophisticated form of neurofeedback which we're excited to bring to the Wooster community. It trains the brain to self-correct and remove any blocks to functioning optimally. Our office, the Brain Training Institute, is conveniently located on the corner of Liberty and South Buckeye Street. When a client comes in for a session, they are hooked up to the NeurOptimal® machine by five wires, three of which go on the ears and two of which go on the head. While the client is listening to relaxing music and watching beautiful fractal imagery on a screen, Neuroptimal® is reading his or her brain waves 256 times per second. The machine then uses the information it picks up to provide a kind of "rumble strip" to the brain. When it detects the brain starting to move into any kind of stressful thought pattern, it provides a very brief pause in the music which may or not be noticed by the client. However over time it is the pauses in the music which train the brain to self-correct and stay on track, just like a rumble strip would help a car stay on the road if the driver started to veer off center. Neuroptimal® is not a medical treatment, and it is not diagnostic in nature. It is a training of the brain which provides better mental fitness. Contributing to general wellness, the benefits are numerous and include everything from healthier sleep habits to help managing stress and boosting sports performance. Many people report feeling more calm, more focused, and more confident. Neuroptimal® has been shown to improve learning capacity, concentration and problem-solving, even pattern-recognition, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to multi-task. Neuroptimal® is safe and effective. It can be used on people of all ages and conditions and from all walks of life.

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140 S. Walnut
Wooster, OH 44691
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Health & Fitness


Local Roots Market & Cafe

Date / Time

Saturday, August 24, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Sarah Courtmanche
(330) 263-5336